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GRS Executive Search

Our leadership team specializes in working with owners, Private Equity/Venture Capital groups, and EOS* companies who are seeking top executives. 


GRS has the ability to provide access to and influence with the top executives in your industry. When you require a C-level or Executive Leader who is revenue and sales-driven, we offer unique insight and understanding. 


Our differentiation is the vast network of relationships we have built in our niche industries over the course of the last 4 decades. These relationships - and the trust that they yield - enable GRS to introduce our clients to talented executives that are not actively seeking a new opportunity. 

We have a history of assisting private equity and venture capital firms realize the growth of their portfolio companies by recruiting this specific talent.


When industry knowledge is important, let us be your guide in finding you the right leadership team to drive your organization.  

*EOS: Integrator Recruitment


Any business committed to implementing a successful EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, requires the right leader in the Integrator role.


The Integrator maintains harmony among the major functions of the business - Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Finance. Our in-depth understanding of the EOS system, as well as our network of uniquely qualified professionals, enables us to work with your company to identify the best candidate for this role.


For more information, contact GRS President Mike Lee or Vice President Heather Goldberg. 

Heather Goldberg

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(440) 386-5001

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