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Knowing Your Big Game Sales Performers: The Lions

In the African savanna, the lion is king. When it comes to your big game sales performers, it’s inevitable that some will rise to the top to become the best of the best. 

Those are your top 5% candidates, and some of those are the lions — those who will stop at nothing to close the deal. So, what kind of characteristics do your lions have, and how do they fit into your team?  What Are the Characteristics of a Lion? A salesperson who fits into the “lion” persona is an incredibly motivated, driven and relentless professional. They won’t make excuses, and they’ll simply never give up when it comes to clinching a deal. Lions are also your road warriors – they’re willing to travel long distances in order to meet with clients and close the sale.  What Does the Lion Have to Offer? Since lions are your traveling professionals and don’t mind undertaking long trips to get the job done, they’re your way of reaching out to your clients on their own turf. Lions aren’t afraid to march into the client’s territory – they’ll meet at the client’s office and  have the backbone to negotiate through even the most difficult circumstances and hurdles to a final deal.  How Does the Lion Fit into the Top 5% of Sales Candidates?  Think of your lions as the tip of your sales apparatus. These relentless sales experts are top negotiators who aren’t afraid to wade into unfamiliar territory to get the job done. They are your hunters, and your ultimate closers. When it comes to technical sales success, lions rise to the top of the pack and can be counted on for delivering results, time and time again. Are you ready to add more lions to your team and see your sales numbers skyrocket? Talk to the professionals at GRS Recruiting. We’re here to help!  .

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