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Rounding Up Your Search Party for Top Sales Performers

We’ve already seen what to look for when considering your big game sales performers. There are different types — lions, elephants, and giraffes — that all play different roles on your sales team, and they’re all critical. But now that you know what to look for when adding your big game performers, the question becomes, how do you go about finding them?  

It’s time to assemble your search party to go exploring for those big game performers that will transform your sales department.   The Team Leader  Of course, every search party needs a leader. You probably already have one in place: the direct supervisor or sales manager in charge of the team, and the person to whom your new hire will report. The team leader is the person in charge of the entire operation, responsible for corralling everyone’s efforts and, ultimately, achieving results.   Current Sales Team Members It only makes sense that current members of your sales team make up a portion of your search party. When you’re going about finding the best top-tier sales performer that you can, there’s no use in selecting someone who doesn’t fit with your current team. So, having at least a few of your current sales staff along for the ride is a good idea.   An Engineering Team Member  A big part of what you’re looking for when selecting a big game sales performer is their competency, not just in the sales department, but in the technical one. And who better to help with evaluating that than a member of your engineering team? If you have only salespeople evaluating your new hire’s competency, you’ll know one thing: whether the hire is an excellent salesperson. When you include an engineering professional, you’ll know that the hire is competent on the technical side, as well. You’ll also be able to learn more about any specific knowledge fields, certifications, or qualifications that the candidate possesses and what they mean for your team’s prospects.   Internal Hiring Experts  At this point, your search party has covered sales and the technical side of things. But what about guidance on interviewing best practices, reference checks, and other HR-related concepts? That’s where your internal hiring experts come in. They can help to oversee the actual interviewing and hiring process, something that salespeople and the engineering department shouldn’t be covering alone.   An Outside Recruiter  So far, we’ve focused on individuals that are internal to your organization. But you may find that the help of an outside recruiter is an ideal way to source and vet talent — including your next big game technical sales performer. Consider partnering with a recruiter when you’re ready to embark on the search for your next top-tier hire.  ​ Looking for Some External Recruiting Help? Do you need help putting together your search party to go after the big game? We’re here to help with that. Contact GRS Recruiting to get started. 

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