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Turning the Interview Process Upside-Down

We tend to think of hiring as a one-way street. The company sources candidates for screening them and conduct interviews and background checks, etc. But you may be surprised to learn that when it comes to top-tier sales talent, the script is flipped. Top performers want to get to know your company, perhaps even before you get to know them.  

Here are four tips on how to turn the typical interview process upside-down to secure those big-game sales performers.   Share Personal Experiences In the first meetings with your top sales candidates, invite other salespeople in your organization to be a part of those conversations. Encourage them to provide feedback about your company, the work environment, and job satisfaction. You’ll be able to use these conversations to learn more about what your top-tier sales candidate wants both personally and professionally.   Determine the Candidate’s Motivation  There is always a reason that a salesperson is considering a new job. Whether it’s to secure more big-game clients, to escape a toxic work environment, or to receive a higher salary, it’s a good idea to understand your candidate’s motivation. Through your conversations, try to determine why the candidate is considering a new job — are there issues they want to get away from, or new opportunities they would like to pursue? Those answers can tell you a lot about your candidate that you may not otherwise know.   Determine the Candidate’s Ideal Company  Try to get your candidate to paint a picture of their dream job and employer. What size organization would they prefer to work? What sort of sales environment are the most comfortable? Would they like to travel, or are they trying to cut back? As your candidate tells you about what they hope you are offering, you can see how closely you match with their expectations and desires. That can go a long way toward securing that top-tier sales performer at the end of the interview process.   Look for the Perfect Cultural Fit  Remember: top-tier sales producers can work just about anywhere they want. The more you can help them evaluate your company to see if it’s the right fit for them, the more they will trust you. They’ll also gain respect for your team. Those are huge motivators when it comes to the candidate signing on the dotted line and become a part of your organization!   The next time you’re trying to land a premium sales candidate, remember that the traditional interview structure doesn’t always work at this level. The interview process may benefit, in fact, from being flipped completely — when the candidate evaluates you and determines it’s a good fit, you’ve locked in that sales performer for good.  ​ Contact GRS Recruiting right away if you’re ready to find your next elite sales performers. We’re here to help!   ? Simply create a new post now.

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