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Understanding Your Ideal Candidate's Specific Motivations

You’re on the hunt for those big game sales candidates — the top-tier performers who will knock it out of the park each time. As is the case with any hunt, you need to understand your “prey.” Getting into the mind of your ideal candidate will help you understand their motivations, ultimately helping you to convince them to sign on with your team.  

So, how do you get into the mind of your ideal candidate and convince them that it’s worth taking the chance on a new job?   Think from the Candidate’s Perspective  First, realize that top technical salespeople aren’t out there in the job market looking for work. They’re already gainfully employed — they’re at the top of their field, after all. So, you have more than one hurdle to overcome. You can’t just offer your ideal candidate a job; you must convince them to leave their current one.  Think about it from the candidate’s perspective. They’re not just in it for the money, so the offer of a higher paycheck alone isn’t likely to be convincing. They’re looking for all sorts of motivations, and they’ll only sign on with the team that can offer them what they need.  Ask the Right Questions  Another critical part of understanding your candidate’s motivations is to ask them the right questions. First, and most straightforward, might be: “What are you looking for out of your job and career?” Depending on how they answer, you’ll be able to frame your offer in a way that highlights what you can give to the candidate that they don’t already have. It can also be helpful to ask them what they feel they’re missing in their current position and try to capitalize on those shortcomings. Perhaps the candidate doesn’t gel ideally with their current team; your team is extremely flexible and amicable. Maybe the candidate wants a bigger pool of viable prospects to sell to; your company can offer clients in an entirely new region.   Offer the Right Things  Seal the deal with your prospective top-tier candidate by offering them what they want and need out of a new position. Top technical salespeople are typically attracted to opportunities that provide things like: 

  • Solid products to represent  

  • A supportive company culture

  • Access to top clients and markets 

  • Control over their earnings 

  • Recognition and respect 

  • A company with a strong reputation 

  • Zero micro-management 

  • Fairness and honesty

Notice what wasn’t included on that list: salary. Of course, your ideal candidates will demand an appropriate wage for their position and experience but remember that it’s not the end-all-be-all when it comes to the top technical salespeople. Offering a competitive salary in addition to more intangible benefits is how you’ll secure your next top-tier big game candidate.   Trying to Secure a Big Game Candidate? Contact GRS Recruiting today to learn more about how to understand what your ideal candidates want and how to capitalize and convert on those desires.  

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