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Why Hiring at the Holidays is a Hit

In the midst of a hectic holiday season, would candidates have less availability for interviews in their schedule? While first impressions point to no, there are many reasons that availability increases during the last two weeks of the year.

1.      Time off

  • Many businesses close for a period of time due to business slowdowns and holidays. Additionally, many employees use vacation time to travel and spend time with family. Both create a space for candidates to schedule job interviews without having to worry about their regular workload.

2.      Exploring Opportunities

  • Employers and Employees can use this time to explore the job market and assess opportunities for growth.

While availability may increase for candidates, you may be wondering what motivates them to seek a change. However, there are many variables that can motivate a candidate to do so.

1.      Reflection and Goal Setting

  • The end of this year creates a trend of self-reflection among people. This ranges from an individual’s personal life and fitness goals all the way to their professional career goals. Many take this reflection and create a change within their life for the better.

  • Due to the self-reflection mentioned before, many set goals to help aid their career growth. This can cause candidates to explore new roles and opportunities they weren’t interested in before.

2.      Performance Reviews

  • Due to candidates being unsatisfied with bonuses and reviews, they may seek out a career change.

The New Year may not only create a time where candidates are ready for a change, but it can also present a time when they are rested and ready to go. For a handful of reasons, they will be ready to hit the ground running if they become a new employee of your business.

  • The end of the year is full of many different holidays and many employees get time off to spend time with families and have a break from their daily workload. If this is the case, candidates will start up with a clear mind and high energy.

  • A break can help a candidate to relax and recharge before starting a new role. This can help reduce the chances of burnout.

We urge all our clients (and even practice this ourselves) to take advantage of the time around the holidays to interview candidates for the new year.

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