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  • Caroline Maher

The Art of Conversation: Engaging Your Candidate

In today’s tech-driven world, conversing over digital mediums has undeniably become the norm. With the onslaught of social media apps and other digital platforms, we all rely less and less on in-person meetings and phone calls as a means of communicating. Although technology is here to stay and has certainly proven to be advantageous, the art of conversation is still crucial in the hiring process, even before a formal interview.

Ultimately, the deciding factor in determining whether a candidate transitions to the next round can, more often than not, be summed up by the quality of those initial conversations.

In the following section, we’re going to dive-in and explore the first of our three-part series: The Art of Conversation. We will be focusing on the importance of engaging the candidate through verbal communication and examine why personal interactions are still important, even in today’s digital age.

Motivations are Revealed through Conversation

Texting, although a useful form of communication, remains too impersonal for many business purposes. When it comes to gauging a prospective candidate, it is critical to understand his/her career goals, aspirations, and driving factors; in this case, messaging or emailing simply isn’t the best medium for understanding these. Not only do verbal interactions assist the recruiter or hiring manager in getting a sense of whether or not the candidate is a good fit for the position, it shows the candidate that the recruiter is interested in what they have to say.

“Fit” can Only be Determined by Digging Deeper

As a recruiter or hiring manager, the end goal is the same: to lock in top talent and get the right candidates hired. However, it’s not always cut and dry and oftentimes, certain candidates just don’t fit the qualifications for certain positions. Having conversations beyond email and text allows the recruiter to better gauge the candidate and determine what positions for which they are best suited. If they aren’t a great fit for the current open position, this doesn’t mean they won’t match the qualifications for future positions. This brings us to our last point...

Relationships are Built Offline

Every successful recruiter or talent acquisition specialist understands the importance of building relationships, and the key to doing so involves effective communication. Certain channels of communication such as text messaging and emails lend themselves to misinterpretation or misunderstanding, and the recruiter then risks alienating a candidate rather than building a strong relationship, no matter how many emojis are used.

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