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Three Key Points for Posting Successful Job Ads

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Top tips from GRS

1. Content Counts

Making sure that in addition to the basics of what is actually required to perform the role you include key selling points in the ad:

  • Career progression opportunities

  • Unique features of your products and your customer approach

  • Highlight any strong support system or fast lead times

  • Profile of the leaders that the successful candidate will work with; People work for People


2. Post Where Your Candidate Lives

We find that the very best candidates are often those that are not actively looking for a job. For that reason, when it comes to sales candidates, it probably makes sense for you to share the role on LinkedIn. Have your current team share the ad as a LinkedIn post as well- their connections are likely your target audience.


3. Manager Should Review Applicants

The hiring manager should review the applicants first-hand. The HR team may not recognize attributes that the Sales/Hiring Manager will see right away.

You'd be amazed how often companies pay us a fee for a candidate that they had in their resume pile.


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