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Why Don't They Want Your Job?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

You've got a great company. You've found the perfect candidate. But when it comes down to the offer, your candidate turns you down.

What went wrong?

Too often, we see hiring managers interview a top-notch candidate that they'd love to hire immediately only to learn that the candidate does not share their excitement. It is critical that an interview is approached as a sales process so that you can land the best candidates.

Here are a few things to focus on during the interviewing process to make your opportunity exciting to your prospects:

1. Sell the background and the leadership abilities of the hiring manager and the entire leadership team.

  • People work for People

  • The best candidates want to advance their career and they will gravitate toward people that will best help them attain that goal.

  • Share examples of others that have flourished under the leaders in place. Tell the success stories.


2. Get them talking to the existing A players on your team.

These will be their teammates...

Get them excited to join a winning team. Think of a star athlete that gets traded. How do they get welcomed into the locker room?


3. Take time to understand the candidate's personal situation and how it aligns with your opportunity.

  • What is their family situation and what do they aspire toward in the future?

  • What are they passionate about in addition to their career?


4. Explain how the opportunity can support their life aspirations.

There is no full-proof method to ensure someone will want to work for your company, but if you're doing the things mentioned above, you've got a great shot at securing the best talent.

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