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Determining the Candidate's Ideal Company and Culture Fit

Top-tier sales performers aren’t just in it for the money. Salary is a significant consideration, of course, but salespeople at the top of their game have the luxury of shopping around to find other things that they want. Some of those other things include their ideal company structure and culture. 

When the pay is right, the clients are good, and the company culture is a perfect fit, that top-tier sales performer has found their home.  By determining your top-tier candidate’s ideal company and culture fit, you’ll know what you can offer them to increase the chances that they’ll sign with you.   Company Size and Structure   Try to find out what size company your candidate is used to working for, and what size company they enjoy. Perhaps they’re used to mid-sized companies, and that’s what they’re looking for again. Maybe they’re tired of massive, corporate structures and want a more personable, family-oriented kind of company structure. No matter what size your company is, you can tailor things to the candidate’s desires — even if you’re a large company, you can emphasize the small teams you use, or you can boast about your attractive top-level clients even though you’re a small company.   The Sales Environment  It’s also essential to understand what kind of sales environment your elite candidate wants. Are they a team player, or do they prefer to do their work alone? Do they thrive as a part of a multi-pronged sales approach, or do they like the bold one-time sales pitch that’s left entirely up to them?  Make sure to include travel considerations in this aspect of your candidate’s evaluation process, as well. Some elite sales performers like to travel and meet their clients in “enemy territory,” so to speak. Others like doing their work from the comfort of the home office. Do your best to accommodate your candidate’s wishes in this area, or at least be up-front about the travel requirements from the start of the hiring process.   The Culture Fit  You want to know that your next hire fits into your company culture — that’s a given. But it’s important to remember that your top-tier sales candidate is also evaluating the same thing from their end. They want to know that the company is the right culture fit for them and that it will support their professional and personal goals at this next stage in their career. Find out what your candidate is looking for from a culture perspective and make it clear to them how your company’s staff and structure fits that vision.  Is it time to solidify your sales team with top-tier candidates? There’s no time to waste. Get in touch with GRS Recruiting to start building your dream team.  

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