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Knowing Your Big Game Sales Performers: The Giraffes

When picturing a giraffe, one physical feature in particular comes to mind – their long necks. Giraffes use their necks to reach the highest limbs of trees in order to eat vegetation that other animals can’t reach. 

The giraffes of your technical sales team do the same thing (though their necks are not quite as long!). They reach for sales opportunities, and clients in general, that aren’t attainable to just anyone. Let’s take a closer look at the giraffes of your team and where they fit into the top 5%. 

What Are the Characteristics of a Giraffe?

Your technical sales giraffes are incredibly motivated and achievement oriented. That’s why they’re constantly striving to go above and beyond in order to achieve the seemingly impossible – for them, the challenge is thrilling. 

What Does the Giraffe Have to Offer?

The giraffe offers your sales team not only a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, but a sense of motivation that can’t always be imparted by others. When other salespeople see the giraffe continually reaching for that lofty goal, that hard-to-reach client, they know they can do better themselves. That’s a powerful benefit to your entire technical sales team. 

How Does the Giraffe Fit into the Top 5% of Sales Candidates? 

The giraffes of your technical sales team are your secret weapons; they’re who you deploy when you know the deal won’t be closed by just anyone. You need someone who is willing to reach, someone who is willing to go to incredible lengths to initiate, build and maintain a relationship with the client. The giraffe is someone you use on the most difficult clients because “impossible” is nothing more than a dare to them. 

Need help finding more giraffes to add to your team to reach that high-hanging fruit? That’s where we come in. Get in touch with GRS Recruiting to get started.

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