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Reaching Outside Your Comfort Zone to Find Top Talent

In the world of recruiting, we refer to the big game, top-tier sales performers as “passive” candidates. That means they’re not actively looking for work, and instead must be persuaded to consider joining your team. So how do you source this “passive” sales talent?  

It requires a multifaceted approach with multiple mediums. Do it right, and you’ll be able to lure in those top technical salespeople who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job but are smart enough to answer the door when an opportunity comes knocking. 

  • Direct Recruiting - Direct recruiting is just what it sounds like: approaching candidates directly who have been identified through research as the top sales performers in your area. Direct recruiting may occur through the phone, but it’s even more likely to be done via email or other digital or social channels.  

  • Networking - Networking is one of the best tools at your disposal when it comes to sourcing top talent. This might mean attending trade conferences or other industry events, or meeting salespeople from other organizations. Then, it’s all about asking these people for an introduction to the top-tier salesperson.  

  • Referrals - One method for recruiting top talent that you might not have considered is the referral. There are internal referrals, in which a company will ask their employees to refer qualified sales talent, as well as external referrals. That means asking for referrals from former employees, vendors, clients, trade associations, or industry sales consultants who might be able to make introductions between your organization and a top-notch salesperson.  

  • Social Media - The power of the internet and social media has transformed the recruiting world. Today, we can use social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Quora to find qualified sales candidates via niche interest groups, discussion panels, and forums, or even through basic research and searches. Use social media to your advantage to connect with the big game performers that you’re targeting.  

  • Employment Branding - Employment branding is a long-term strategy, not necessarily an immediate one, but it’s highly effective. It’s all about building your company’s reputation as a great place for top salespeople to work and strengthening awareness of your company in the world of technical sales. When you create a strong brand, you don’t have to sell as hard — the top salespeople want to come work for you because of your reputation.  

  • Your Company Website - Don’t forget that your company’s website is an excellent resource for sourcing top talent. Make sure that it boasts a strong career section to sell your job openings and also effectively promotes your great company culture.  

  • Recruiting Firms - Finally, a recruiting firm that specializes in finding big game technical salespeople is often the easiest and most effective way to build the sales team that you’re looking for.  

Ready to Get the Experts Involved? Find your next big game sales performer and take your sales team to the next level. Get in touch with GRS Recruiting today.   te a new post now.

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