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The importance of Sharing Personal Experiences with Candidates

When it comes to top-tier sales candidates, they’ve far outgrown the traditional interview process. They don’t need to sit with a supervisor and go over every detail of their resume, explain their qualifications, and tell you why they would be an excellent fit for the job. 

At this level, the interview process can be adjusted. One great way to do that is to include other salespeople in your interview process with the candidate. By sharing personal stories, you’ll not only help the candidate feel comfortable — you’ll entice them into becoming a member of the team.   It Gives Them an Insight Into the Job  When you and your team share personal stories with your top-tier candidate, it lets them get an inside look at what to expect out of a job. Encourage your existing team to share their success, their failures, and their overall impressions of the way the sales team operates. These conversations go a long way to convincing the premium candidates that your organization is worth their time and effort.   It Gives Them an Insight Into Your Culture  Your team should also open up about the work environment and the company culture. Remember: these top-tier candidates have their choice of jobs. Most of the time, it’s about much more than the paycheck. Candidates want to know they’re working in a supportive environment that suits their sales style and personal goals. By having your existing team give vital insights into the culture at your company, you’re helping to convince the candidate that your environment is the right one for them to thrive.  It Puts Faces to Your Company  So, sharing personal stories with your sales candidate can give them insider insight into your company culture and the job itself. But it also does something on a more abstract level: it turns your company from a faceless, impersonal organization into real people with real lives. That’s a massive advantage in the interview process — now, your top-tier candidate has spent time conversing with real people and has gotten information from them that offers a personal, unique perspective on the job that the candidate is considering. Adding that personal touch can make all the difference.   It Helps Them Feel More Comfortable  Last but not least, having your existing team share stories about their work helps the candidate to feel more comfortable, right off the bat. They’re not the ones continually talking, having to explain themselves, and what they’re are after. It turns the interview process from an interrogation into a conversation. That lets you discover the real person behind your candidate.   ​ Ready to start the hunt for your next elite sales performer? Contact GRS Recruiting right away. 

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