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  • Vijay Subramanian

The Value of Having Fun in a Company Environment

The following blog was written by Solon High School Senior Vijay Subramanian, who completed his Senior Internship with GRS Recruiting and will be attending Babson College in the Fall.

As part of our ongoing series on workplace values, we're going to take a look at the importance of having fun in the workplace. When people are having a good time, they are at their most productive and overall best. Here at GRS, one of our important core values is “We believe that you can work hard and have fun. We laugh at the funny things, especially ourselves”.

We believe that you can work hard and have fun. We laugh at the funny things, especially ourselves.

You may wonder: How do I have a good time in the workplace? Building a personal connection with your co-workers is important. Touch up with them and create conversation to stay connected with one another. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Not only will this make the work environment more comfortable, but also more FUN.

Here are a few benefits to having fun in a work environment:

A fun work environment leads to positive word-of-mouth for your business.

Creating an exciting work environment can lead to an increase of people communicating good things about your company. It can also lead to others wanting to work for your business, which grows the popularity. This is how many of the largest companies in the nation grew to their success. People working for these companies tend to enjoy the operating structure.

A fun work environment leads to creativity.

Having a lively work environment can lead to creativity. When people are enjoying what they are doing, they tend to display their best work. While in that lively environment, they are having the discussions necessary to contribute to new innovation. At GRS, we seek creativity to bolster our recruiting practices.

A fun work environment leads to less stress.

Being able to have fun in the workplace leads to less stress and creates an overall more easy-going environment for employees. Having fun helps those working feel like they are enjoying what they are doing, rather than doing things for the sake of doing things. Getting work done in a fun environment can create a whole different viewpoint on working. It has the ability to show that what you are doing in the workplace has a much bigger effect than what you may think.

Here at GRS, we are committed to creating a fun, lively environment for our employees. With that being said, it is essential here to build creativity, innovation, and strengthening the well-being of our employer base. We believe that having fun should be an integral part of every workplace.

Does your company promote fun in the workplace? Let us know!

Thank you for reading!

- Vijay Subramanian

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