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  • Caroline Maher

Why Transparency is Crucial in the Workplace

In our last post, “The Value of Workplace Values,” we outlined just how crucial having a defined set of principles is, especially in a corporate setting.

While each company’s values are uniquely defined, one of GRS' core commitments is that “we do what we say we will do and tell it like it is.” We recognize that transparency and honesty are two key ingredients in building trust, rapport, and ultimately, better relationships both internally and externally.

We do what we say we will do and tell it like it is.

You’ve heard it before, “Honesty is the best policy.” While it’s easy to speak in cliches like this, committing to an honest and upfront approach to difficult situations only serves to strengthen the relationships that are being built. It’s one thing to build a relationship, it’s another to build the right relationship.

Below, we’ve gathered just a few of the many benefits a transparent policy can have on the workplace.

Transparency and honesty builds trusting relationships

First and foremost, an effective relationship cannot thrive without trust. Trust is the glue that binds together a commitment and an action in response to that commitment. At GRS, this can mean something as simple as showing up on time for a meeting, or in more intense situations, it can mean having difficult conversations with candidates that were eliminated from the search process.

Although it’s often easier said than done to tell candidates (or clients) things they don’t want to hear, it’s important nonetheless. Providing fair and honest feedback allows for the candidate or client to better represent themselves in the future.

From an internal perspective, the higher the level of trust, the more employees believe in the company’s mission. Having an open dialogue and promoting healthy communication tactics encourages employees to feel that their voice is being heard and that information isn’t being withheld.

Honesty helps establish a positive reputation in the industry

Nowadays, gaining access to information is easily attainable. More than 80% of all consumers read company reviews prior to purchasing that company’s products or services. A reputation for honesty goes a long way and can be an important factor in attracting new clients and earning trustworthy partnerships. Besides, nobody wants to partner with a company that isn’t reliable!

Having honest conversations provides effective feedback

Above, we mentioned the value of providing honest feedback. Believe it or not, it’s rather difficult to find someone who will actually provide hard, honest feedback (tactfully) instead of relaying sugar-coated responses to avoid coming off offensive.

While it can seem daunting to speak the blunt truth about issues at hand, in the end, those who are serious about their intentions will appreciate the honesty.

Plus, it’ll allow your company to gain a competitive edge and stand out among the others that are less likely to be upfront.

At GRS, we are committed to operating with transparency as we believe it to be an extremely vital tool for success. We know we're in good company with this philosophy as our partners typically share this value as well. Does your organization place a high currency on transparency? Calling out your commitment to this in your overall business procedures will serve your company well in the long run.

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